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The Marley Berger Gallery

The Arts Center of Cannon County houses two exhibition spaces.  The Marley Berger Gallery, which also acts as the lobby for the Wilma Adams Theater, features six shows per year focusing on fine craft, sculpture, two dimensional artworks and photography as well as cultural/historical exhibits. Many of the artists featured are from our local surrounding community, but the gallery also showcases travelling curated exhibitions.  ACCC gladly accepts proposals and portfolios for consideration. Interested? please contact our gallery curator.


The Cannon Cultural Museum opened in March 2008.  The Cannon Cultural Museum, a 2,400 sq. ft. museum space offering themed, interpretive and interactive exhibits from the Arts Center's permanent collection.  The permanent collection is comprised of artifacts and art works from The Caldwell Collection of Self Taught Art, The Cannon County Basketry Collection, and The Cannon County Historical Society Collection. The collections include white oak baskety, southern folk pottery, visionary and self-taught paintings, sculpture and mixed media assembleges.  House curated exhibitions are staged for ten months and rotate every summer.